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  1. Hello Emma,
    I finally signed up. The black shetlands pushed me over the edge. I used to break ponies to drive. I used a lot of your methods but you have taken it so much further and made the content accessible to the world. I am a big fan. I’m older and past breaking/starting horses now, except the dream is to have 3 shetlands (one spare) and go adventuring. Like Barry Hook I want to go bitless, blinkerless and with a non fussy harness like Romanians use (no cruppers and minimal girth). Check out YouTube. So much quicker to fit. Long ago I ‘broke’ a black Shetland mare. She was a doll and left a deep impression and so I need to watch your progress. I want to get back to that. Here I am middle aged and caring for oldies that make you realise life is fleeting. You are an inspiration. I’ll get there. Thank you!

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