“It is the charisma of a species that turns interest in to love”

If you go for a walk in nature you undoubtably feel the positive effects ripple through your body and your mind. Now if you take the same walk but this time take your dog with you, the experience is completely different. Put the dog on their bed and jump on a herd of horses you see the world from between those ears, it is different again and as the view starts to lift the horizon starts to broaden. I look up, there is more, look at the birds…what if….could I connect with them to? Could I fly with the birds?
When I was about 7yrs old my first true love for an animal was a chicken I had hatched from an egg in an old incubator we had in the shed, her name was Porridge. One day I took her to school with me tucked safely in my coat pocket, at play time I collected my coat off the peg and headed outside to show all my friends how Porridge would follow me everywhere I went.
Little did I know at the time but that chicken cemented in me a passion to understand and be able to communicate with animals, for more than 20 years I have been working with horses which has taken me on some incredible journey’s and unique adventures.
Beyond the Horizon is my latest adventure where I am going to push what is perceived to be possible with our connection to animals and share first hand how and why when we connect to animals we can experience the natural world around us on a whole new level!
Taking my pack of dogs, herd of horses and gaggle of geese we are heading off to explore the wonders of all our Wild Spaces. Each species offers a unique way to experience these beautiful wildernesses.
I am going to fly alongside my geese in a Flexwing Microlight, from hatching I will teach the young goslings to follow me and my machine around our farm until they reach about 10 weeks old when they will become old enough to fly. We shall then be able to see some beautiful wild places from the skies soaring over mountains and moors before landing amongst the lakes for a swim.
The variety of the species are without doubt a huge challenge, but they do have some incredible synergy between them, qualities enviable to us humans too. The leadership in the pack, the organised formations of the team , the power and energy of the herd to mention just a few!
Over the next eight months I shall be sharing are adventures together, yes the highs…and the lows! We are making a series of short films to share with you all!