When your a child you read books or have books read to you, getting lost in the magic of a story, you embrace the freedom to be and experience without judgement.  Living on the Island was exactly that, living in complete freedom, a result of dreaming up a crazy idea but being OK to let it actually happen in real life… Swallows and Amazons x The black Stallion!

The Island Project definitely nurtured in me a desire to continue to learn more and to experience new things, pushing me to leave everything I know behind and set off in search of a new adventure. From the outside it must look like life is just great as it is, I like so many have so much to be grateful for and satisfied about, indeed it would be so easy to stay home but I don’t want to let comfort kill my ambition.

There are hundreds of reasons why I believe adventures are important, constantly pushing yourself to go further and experience a new level of connection to my horses and the nature around us.

Working with horses has always been my passion and my love, what inspires me the most is pushing the limits. Not just my own limits buts pushing ‘the’ limits so that we can redefine horsemanship in the 21st Century. I have been a professional horse trainer for the last 17 years, now I want to put all my skills towards a completely new challenge.

Adventures aren’t easy to come up with, especially now I’m supposed to be a grown up! Being completely honest I find disappearing back into my favourite childhood stories the best place to start!