Tiny things can make a huge difference, peoples kindness and support at any level is priceless. Working with horses in this way has the potential to break through the barrier of peoples perceptions; it can dismiss the elitist image.
Unleashed in the Highlands I believe will bring passion, emotion and compassion into peoples lives. If your emotional, happy or exhausted then anyone can understand that, anyone can relate. You don’t need to be a professional horsemen or even to have sat on a horse before.

The coverage on the TV, Radio, Newspapers, and across social media means that everyone will feel part of the project.

I’m not sure where my motivation comes from as there are no prizes for working with horses in this way. Each project becomes a journey that you go on both emotionally and physically, it is exciting to get to engage in something totally all encompassing.

What I am trying to do is expensive, but so vital for the future. One thing I have learnt over the years is that deep down in your heart if you have a goal, you can achieve it. Just getting to this point has been incredibly hard, way harder than I ever imagined but I have experienced more incredible moments with horses than I ever dreamt possible.

When I was training horses for clients I used to think I was helping, but I realise now that projects like The Island Project and now Unleashed in the Highlands and In search of freedom is how to make a real difference. After The Island Project I received so many messages, saying how I had inspired them, one letter was from a lady who’s dream it was to ride but had had a car accident so had let go of that dream as being impossible, since following The Island Project she found the courage to join the RDA and has full filled her life long dream. Another letter was from a young man who had broken his back canoeing, he had totally given up on his adventurous life, he sent me a photograph of himself back in his canoe for the first time!

I feel it is my goal to help and encourage others not by simply talking about something but by actually following my dreams if this can then sow a seed of inspiration to someone else which is sometimes all that is needed to transform dreams into reality.

Support us in our projects
To make my 2020/21 projects a success I am currently seeking sponsors, supporting organisations or personal backing.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like your company to be involved, or simply support the projects now via paypal, to help enable these ambitious and impactful projects. Thank You!!