British professional horse trainer, TV presenter and adventurer Emma Massingale is celebrating double honors at the world’s leading equine film festival. Emma has taken honours at the Equus Film Festival for The HIGHLANDS – WILDERNESS | ADVENTURE | Unbroken Horses, in the “International Short Documentary” category. Furthermore, Emma has won ‘Best International Equestrian Commerical – mini’ for Stand and Deliver Santa.

The Equus Film festival is the world’s premier showcase for horse related films and documentaries. The awards took place on Saturday November 21st, 2020

The HIGHLANDS – WILDERNESS | ADVENTURE | Unbroken Horses tells Emma’s story as she survives travelling across Scotland from Coast to Coast, training two unbroken Highland ponies

Emma said “I wanted to now know what happens to a relationship if you travel on a journey, could I back two horses, be able to ride them and have them at liberty while traveling across the Scottish highlands, every step we took would be unknown, if I lost them they would literally be able to run over thousands of acres.
This film is about my journey, I camp out every night, film myself and carry all my kit and equipment. The aim is to cross the Scottish highlands coast to coast with two unhandled Highland Ponies (they hadn’t even been taught to lead before) it turned out to be quite an adventure!”

Emma also developed and created Stand and Deliver Santa, a promotional film made for NAF. NAF is the most respected and well known brand of supplements for horses in the UK today, renowned not only for their products but also for their passion for horses.
Super cheeky Thelwell’s Fiona and Kipper are trying to steal Christmas! Will Santa be fooled by cunning and mince pies to stand and deliver… Or will the magic of Christmas be saved? Starring Emma Massingale’s 3yr old niece Lexi Massingale, Albert, Sid & Douglas (the puppy!) for NAF with inspiration from the legendary Norman Thelwell.


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  1. Have watched both more than once. The awards were richly deserved.

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