‘A Country Christmas’ features Emma’s three year old niece Lexi Massingale, making her acting debut in the starring role. The short film, which maxs out on cute, sees Lexi waking up on Christmas Day to a sack full of presents from Santa. She reaches eagerly to open them, only to remember that her furry friends need their breakfasts first. So dutifully Lexi tugs on her wellies and leaves the house to ensure that each of them are fed.

We see her trials and tribulations as she struggles to feed the mini ponies; the turkeys chase her up the lane when they see their breakfast and for a little girl, feeding sheep is never going to be easy! Soon the puppies are enjoying tucking into their breakfast, Luigi the pig has his festive apple and finally Louis the cat is fed. The and only then, Lexi returns to the house, to open her Christmas pressies.

When asked where she gets her inspiration for her short films from, Emma replies:

“Well different things spark ideas. For this year’s Mole Valley Farmers video, I was inspired by my father, (Lexi’s grandfather), who still lives on the family farm at Morwenstow in Cornwall. When we were growing up, he would always insist that none of us kids had our breakfast until the animals were fed. We didn’t fuss as we were brought up to understand that this was the right thing to do.”

“For farmers, smallholders, horse and pet owners this is the reality, 24/7. No animals should go hungry just because it’s Christmas! This idea also worked brilliantly with Mole Valley Farmers’ slogan ‘Make it a Country Christmas’”

She continued:

“They say never work with children or animals, but all I can say is that we did, but we had a ball! Lexi was a star and did a great job and, along with the animals, was super cute”.

Julie Edwards, Head of Communications for Mole Valley Farmers explains:
“Emma, never fails to amaze us with the great ideas she brings us and them always delivers a stellar product. She is an animal behaviourist extraordinaire and we are very fortunate to have her as one of our sponsored riders.”

To view the video, go to:https://youtu.be/s7zYumEHJx4


  1. Jennine Speier

    Boy it is obvious that Lexi is related to Emma. A miniature version! This was wonderful–especially the walk thru the mud, the putting on and flinging off of the Wellies and the mismatched sox. I did not realize you guys had a sheep door. .

  2. Carol ENgland

    Totally adorable. I thought this was Emma when she was a little girl. What this little girl can learn from her mom, wow – it is clear she loves animals. And what energy…

  3. Hi, thanks to share this short movie
    If everyone on the planet acted like Lexi, the world would be a better place 🙂

    Anne, Montréal, Canada

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