TV & Film

My passion and love is unquestionably for training horses, so when asked to provide horses for television commercials or programmes naturally I jump at the chance. I feel now that both the horses and I are in a fantastic position to offer something truly special.

All of my horses work confidently at Liberty (loose) and so for on screen work I really enjoy working out how to teach them to do the required scenes confidently so that everyone can get the shots they need! The horses are trained perhaps a little differently from some, although they learn the scenes as many horses could, because my horses are working at Liberty (loose) everyday they are able to carry out the required scenes with a totally real / natural look which I believe makes a huge difference when you see the final product on screen.

The horses are the most important to me, which means all of my training and producing horses for specific television work has the highest guarantee that ethically we will get the job done but always with total care and love for the horses.

This is what people have said about working with my horses and myself.

“I saw a photo of one of Emma’s horses lying under a Christmas tree, and that gave us the idea for the advert. We particularly wanted to work with Emma’s miniatures, since they’re so cute. When we told Emma about our plans and asked if the various scenes were possible, she kept telling us it would be no problem, which was great.” Sam describes the pony film stars as “super professional, and thanks to them filming went without a hitch” – Sam Fleet from Equine Productions.


H&C TV’s Managing Director Richard Burdett is delighted with the resulting advert:
“We haven’t got John Lewis’ budgets but luckily we managed to secure the talent for our advert” he says. “Our audience will know just how hard it is to train horses in this way so hats off to Emma and Equine Productions, as well as our two equine stars.

“Emma Massingale delivered her stunning 17.2hh, 12-year-old stallion Marcus Aurelius on set fully trained for his starring role as a Black Beauty stand in, which in itself was no mean feat given the short time we had given her to train him. Marcus arrived looking a picture and every bit a film star, his performance was foot-perfect, allowing the Equine Productions Ltd camera crew to get all the footage they needed in just four short runs along the beach!”
– Tracey Lloyd Marketing Manager for NAF.

All of my horses work extremely confidently in all aspects of Liberty / reinless work either on there own or in groups of up to 9 at once, there really is no limit to what we can achieve with this horses….it just needs our imagination! Please see videos /pictures of some of the work they can do, or if you have an idea, send me an email.