Alone on an Island with just my Ponies for company – Over the years I have started many young horses but I’ve always wondered if I didn’t have any tools such as a halter, lead rope, saddle or round pen would it be possible? I found an island off the west coast of Ireland that had everything the ponies needed to live with out needing me, they had water and food a plenty so the decision weather or not to interact with me would be based purely on a relationship not through necessity. I took two untrained Connemara Ponies and survived alone on a 70acre island while trying to start these ponies without any tack or fences. I took with me four of my trained Connemaras and they were the key to communicating with the new boys! Now if that wasn’t hard enough I thought as I’m on an island it would be fun to go all Bear Grylls and catch my food as well! I took just rice and for a month foraged and fished for my one meal per day…oh and filmed the whole adventure for your viewing pleasure! I hope you enjoy sharing my time on the island. Emx