Tricycle for 3

The power of a smile.

Three years of full time adventure and ten years of creating media content, I have learnt that one of the most rewarding things is to be able to make other people smile! If we can also back this up with some fun horsemanship and an epic adventure then it’s something worth getting pretty excited about!

I knew this year I wanted to do an adventure that included my miniatures…but where to start as they are too small to ride and have very short legs, not ideal for travelling long distances!  I knew it had to be something personally challenging for me but fun and easy for the ponies.

Throughout history we have needed horses to pull or carry us but what now if in the 21st Century these little horses could have one simple role, to make people smile! My horses make me smile everyday, this is not only incredible therapy but has helped me become the horsewomen I am today. Horses recognise facial expressions, I have said for many years that as crazy as it sounds just smiling at your horse can help form greater friendships and if they like us more they are going to perform better for us in any situation.

I am going to take my two untrained miniatures, one Miniature Horse (Percy – Appaloosa) and one Miniature Shetland Pony (Stanley) 1000 km across Europe on an epic adventure. I shall be cycling along with my minis in a purpose built tricycle across 6 countries through Europe with two main objectives in mind, to give everyone we meet and those may like to follow us online their daily smile…(it’s impossible not to!) and to have an epic adventure that challenges me both physically and mentally as I can assure you that cycling along with two horses on board isn’t easy! Stanley, Percy and I shall camp each night under the stars.

I have chosen two untrained ponies for this adventure as I wanted to be able to share my style of training as we go, I wanted to be able to share how getting out of the arena and putting yourself a little out of your comfort zone is a great way of working with horses.

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9 thoughts on “Tricycle for 3

  1. Oh Emma, this is fantastic! I love what you’re saying here and think it is a wonderful idea. You never cease to amaze! I can’t wait to see where this takes you and I will be following your journey for sure!

  2. Tell me where to get such a bike set up-wonderful idea. Such a special adventure.

  3. Such a cute pair! 🙂 I was such a horse girl growing up (never had one, just love from afar), but have fallen away from it in recent decades. It’s good to see someone who still enjoys them after all this time. p.s. I saw your pin on Pinterest saved from your Instagram page, “In Shetland wearing our beautiful Fair Island jumpers…while hiding in a cave! ” I really appreciate your passion for horses! Best of luck with your journey.

  4. Emma.

    My wife really likes your Tricycle for 3.
    Would the construction drawings be available.
    Being as we are in Canada, I can’t drop in and have a look.
    Hopefully you can help me.

    Regards and Thanks.

    Gilles Labelle
    Box 103
    S0K 1V0

  5. I just saw your tricycle for three and adore it! I have two miniature donkeys who would absolutely love to do this sort of adventure. Can I ask where you got the trailer bike or if you have any specifications for having one made?

    Thank you and well done!

  6. Where did you get that tricycle? I love what you are doing, traveling, making the world smile on your big adventure across Europe, just wow!

  7. I am so excited about your adventure with the miniature horses and so hope to follow you. Have you posted the process of building the tricycle. I would love to do that and haul one of my Miniatures but just around our area and in parades. We live in a farming Community called Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

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