Paddling the Pig

Pig to the City –

We all know mans best friend is a dog, social media is full of stories of our canine 4 legged friends accompanying us from our day to day lives to keeping us company on daring adventures but why is it that only dogs make the grade and qualify for this role?

I believe my connection with horses is on the same level that people get from their dogs but why don’t we see other animals joining us on our weekend get aways?

If I took my pet dog for a walk around Bristol or London, no one would bat an eye lid, but if my pet micro-pig was trotting along the high street behind me then I’m thinking i might get a lot of funny looks!

What is it that dogs have to offer that no other animal can? Or could we get that same level of interaction and companionship from other animals?

I want to put it to the test and take Luigi (my Pet micro pig) off on a micro adventure to see what’s it’s like with a different kind of animal for company.

The idea is to paddle from Bristol to London along the canal with Luigi sat on the front of my board, just like I would do with my dog. At night we will be pitching up our tent and snuggling down before setting off the next day. The trip will take approximately 5 days to complete. I already have Luigi and have been astonished just how intelligent and trainable pigs are, even my fiancé who started off saying ‘we are not having a pig in the house’ to ‘that pig is way better behaved than the dogs’. Luigi lives in the house, sleeps in the dog bed with the dogs and is totally house trained already. (I have only had him two weeks)