Liberty Adventure Clinic 2020

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West Country Liberty Adventure Clinics!

There is only one thing better than having an incredible adventure and that is sharing it with some awesome people from around the world. Over the last four years we had the most fantastic groups of people join us, we had the best time sharing our training, love for the outdoors, my philosophy for approaching horses and life in general!

Come and share our traditional Devon farmhouse surrounded by fields of my Liberty Ponies (and a few other animals!). You will get to work alongside me for an amazing week long adventure, working at Liberty for daily lessons with my teams of horses & ponies.

Taking on world first Liberty Adventures undoubtedly has changed my life for the better, getting to immerse myself in something all-encompassing has taught me a huge amount about myself, my life and about how I work in a more in-depth way with my horses.

There is an old nomadic saying I once heard “To understand the wolf you must first put on the skin of the wolf and see the world through his eyes” after more than 20 years developing my skills as a trainer and teacher I believe I have found the most beneficial way for my clients to feel this, in a truly unforgettable fun way!

During our week together we shall spend half the day working with the ponies including individual Liberty sessions to everyone getting to try their hand at working with multiple horses, we shall also cover trick training skills and training techniques. (All in an ethical way!). Some days I shall be working with my team, I will show and share with you how I introduce new moves at Liberty. You can experience first-hand the highs and lows of Liberty training.

The other half days are filled with activities that I believe help become a great partner for your horse, activities such as Wild Foraging, Kayaking, Coasteering, Caving, SUP boarding, Horse Boarding, Donkey Driving and Unicorn rodeo! (activities are chosen to fit in with the weather and sea conditions) I have loads of ideas so come on let’s just go for it!

A little bit about our home, we live in rural West Devon just 5 miles from the North Cornwall coast with boasts the most awesome horse friendly beaches. We are central to the moors Dartmoor, Exmoor & Bodmin moor all of which we use regularly for wild liberty training.

Available dates are 15th - 22nd August 2020. ( Fully Booked)  or 25th August - 2nd September 2020

The cost of the adventure clinic is £2650.00 per person (Maximum of 5 people) for 7 nights.(Payment via instalments) It is all inclusive, so all meals / drinks / snacks (catered at the house and meals out) all the activities, trips, car transport...everything! All you have to do is book your flights and the ponies and I shall take care of the rest!

Here is what previous adventurers had to say about their Liberty adventure.....

"Hands down THE best week of my life, I've learnt so much, experienced things I never thought possible, met some truly great people and got to work with the most amazing team of ponies. Thank you everyone who made this possible."  - Chrissy

"Thank you so much, firstly Emma for bringing your fabulous very polite ponies and for your patience, while we tried to speak the same language as you do to them, they were so giving with their tries for us. They are a complete credits to your methods of training
Thank you, the most amazing experience ever! "- Jen

"I just wanted to express my gratitude to Em for her generosity in dreaming up and executing her amazing idea, for sharing herself, her knowledge, experience and her wonderful ponies; to Jeremy for his cheerful unwavering support and always having our backs and Poppy who is not only a great cook but one of the most interesting and funny people I have had the pleasure of meeting. My fellow adventurers - what can I say - what a pleasure to spend time with you all. This has been a massively positive experience and I have learnt lots (including how to hold a sausage dog)!" - Nicky

"I feel freed up to be so much more expressive with Elle (my horse) and the others and to work in a much more gentle way. I have been heading that way and learning from you has helped me to see how the relationships can be and how much communication is possible. The ponies were fabulous and the challenges definitely something else! Before I came I was feeling that I was getting a bit old and stiff and weak, in my worse moments even feared I had MND too. Doing what we did has blown those thoughts, literally, out of the water! I now know I still have strength, energy and courage....I can't thank you enough for releasing that in me again. Thank you so much for sharing all that you did and giving me so much more to play with. I'll let you know how we get on!"- Karen

"What a truly inspiring week you, your team, the ponies gave me.  I learnt so much.  The adventure week allows you to teach the whole spectrum, it is a far more effective way of teaching than those hourly fixed sessions at booked venues.  But it was still very brave of you and the ponies to take us on". - Shuna

"Well it was a totally fantastic week!!
Full of adventures, learning, perseverance and most of all great fun, with a super group of friends!
Emma Massingale - 'limited only by your imagination - but always for the love of horses' rocked it! Her horses say it all". - Larisa

To register your interest and to receive an application form, please e-mail

or phone 07515300645